Poverty Awareness Month Activities: Challenge, Simulation, and Bus Tour

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March 1-31: Poverty Challenge hosted by The Homeless Alliance of WNY
This is the Poverty Challenge in which participants attempt to stick to either a poverty or minimum wage budget and record their choices regarding their spending and experiences.Only two days are necessary to complete the challenge. The first day consists of recording all of your normal expenses then on the second day try to live off of one of the given budgets. A third day is optional in case you want to try living on the other budget not chosen for day 2. The budget guide/reflection journal contains more information about the event. Thoughts and responses can be written in the reflection journal and then be e-mailed to info@wnyhomeless.org. You can take a deeper look into the options through The Homeless Alliance website.
Contact Megan Bingham for more information: bingham@homelesswny.org or (716)853-11014191
March 22: Poverty Simulation hosted by the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County
From 9am-noon at Northwest Buffalo Community Center (155 Lawn Ave)
The poverty simulation helps groups of up to 72 people understand the everyday realities faced by people whose incomes fall below the poverty line during an eye-opening, three-hour experience. Participants assume the roles of members of low income families, from single parents trying to care for their children to senior citizens trying to maintain their independence on Social Security. Contact Katie Lyons to register: katie.lyons@uwbec.org or (716) 887-2671
April 5: Bus tour and Discussion of Poverty Challenges and Solutions in Buffalo
This bus tour will offer a first-hand look at the blight and disinvestment afflicting many of Buffalo’s high poverty neighborhoods, as well as effective anti-poverty programs and developments underway. Dale Zuchlewski (Homeless Alliance of WNY), and Sam Magavern, (Partnership for the Public Good) will share some of the latest data on poverty in Buffalo and best practices in fighting it. Additional details are being planned but the tour will last for two hours.
Contact Megan Bingham to register: bingham@wnyhomeless.org or (716) 853-1101
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