CHW Grants Available


Despite leading the world in medical research and having the best medical technology available, vast health disparities exist in America. These health disparities are related to social and environmental factors including housing, education, job security, and neighborhood safety, as well as the social connectivity provided by family and community, often referred to as “social capital.” Census data from 2008 troubled the Buffalo community’s consciousness by illustrating the stark reality that Buffalo ranks third in poverty among US cities of its size, and many data sources confirm the reality that environments of poverty in Buffalo lead to numerous disparities in health and well being. Yet, in spite of this reality, Buffalo is also characterized by strong neighborhood groups, organizations, and institutions that are interested in and committed to building neighborhood health and well being from the ground up. The Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo (CHWNB) is one such organization that is working collaboratively across the spectrum of entities in the city to support residents in creating a vision for community health and taking control of moving their own neighborhoods in that direction. As part of that support, CHWNB is calling for proposals for small, neighborhood-based health improvement efforts that community residents design and implement in urban Buffalo.

Please note that submissions are due on June 23rd, so don’t delay in putting your idea together!

Read the full RFP here:

Neighborhood Health Improvement Grants Request for Proposals