Neighborhood Revitalization

West Side Buffalo Neighborhood Case Study

The Revitalization of the West Side of Buffalo

Community Safety–West Side Community Collaborative

MetLife Community Safety Case Study

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Erie County GIS Mapping System

Erie County Department of Finance: Real Property Information

City of Buffalo Property Information


“Housing Violation Complaints Soar: City Can’t Keep Up”

–“Housing Court issues warrant for elusive ‘flipper’ Isaacs” – Buffalo News (New York), January 11, 2008 (D5)

“Mayor Brown Announces Aggressive 5 In 5 Demolition Plan”

Case Studies:

Vacant Properties – The True Costs to Neighborhoods

Cleveland at the Crossroads – Turning Abandonment Into Opportunity

Reinventing Dayton and the Miami Valley

Cleveland Case Study Summary – Model Practices in Tax Foreclosure and Property Disposition

New York City Case Study Summary – Model Practices in Tax Foreclosure and Property Disposition

Richmond VA Neighborhoods in Bloom Program

Buffalo Neighborhood Action Plan

Richmond, Va — Neighborhoods in Bloom

LISC – Best Practices Profile: NIB

Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority: Neighborhoods in Bloom

Buffalo’s Hamlin Park Website

Example Website: Buffalo’s Parkside Neighborhood

–“City of Buffalo Comprehensive Plan,” City of Buffalo

–Reid, Carolina, “Neighborhoods in Bloom: Measuring the Impact of Targeted Community Investments

–“The Ripple Effect: Economic Impacts of Targeted Community Investments,” Richmond LISC
Access to Government Information

Access to Information–Report

City of Buffalo Housing Court Website

Cleveland Housing Court

Directory of Western New York Housing Services

CitiStat Home Page

The Property Maintenance Code of New York

City of Buffalo Permits Online

Solutions for a Better Quality of Life

Solutions for a Better Quality of LifeSolutions for a Better Quality of Life: A Guide to Solving Neighborhood Issues

Other Resources

Rebuilding Community: a Best Practices Toolkit for Historic Preservation and Redevelopment (National Trust for Historic Preservation: 2002)