Mortgage Foreclosure

Predatory Lending

–Subprime Lending’s Effect on Home Ownership

Predatory Lending: Redlining in Reverse, Gregory Squires (2005)

–Anti-Predatory Lending Laws

  • The Best Value in the Subprime Market: State Predatory Lending Reforms (Center for Responsible Lending: 2006)

Suburban Foreclosures

Partial Foreclosures

–Complaint: City of Buffalo v. ABN Amro Mortgage

–Buffalo Sues Lenders Over Abandoned Houses in Foreclosure, Buffalo News 3/01/08

Data on Buffalo Foreclosures

–Foreclosing Erie County, WNYLC Report (July 2009)
–Foreclosures are Higher in WNY’s Rural Areas, Buffalo News 2/13/08
FRB Foreclosure Report (2003)
FRB Foreclosure Report (2009)

Foreclosure Prevention Programs

Chicago Home Ownership Preservation Initiative
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity Foreclosure Prevention

Subprime Lending: The Rotten Core of the Current Financial Crisis