Buffalo Recycling Alliance celebrates America Recycles Day

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The Buffalo Recycling Alliance celebrated America Recycles Day on November 15 by giving the Community Charter School an award for radically improving its recycling program. The school commenced a comprehensive recycling program in August of 2012, which has already resulted in a 50% reduction of waste, and is saving the school at least $3,000 per year on its garbage bill.

“The Buffalo Recycling Alliance commends the students and faculty at Community Charter School for this tremendous achievement for both the school and our community,” said Sam Magavern, Co-Director of the Partnership for the Public Good. “By increasing recycling at the school, they are providing a significant benefit to our shared environment, while saving the school a substantial amount of money.”

The school also kicked off a year-long recycling initiative that will involve numerous Buffalo Public Schools and culminate in Global Youth Services Day in 2013. 

“Through service learning, our students want to make Buffalo a stronger community,” said Andrew Prinzing, Assistant Principal at Community Charter School.   “We think we can make a difference by increasing our school’s recycling rate and helping other people recycle more. The great thing about service learning is it extends our classrooms into our community, and it helps students see the relevance of classroom instruction. Not only are we making a difference at our school, but as the lead agency for Global Youth Service Day in Buffalo this April 26-28, we are going to engage 1000 youth in projects that promote recycling.”

The success of Community Charter’s recycling program has also been helped by an important partnership with Modern Recycling.  Modern not only picks up the school’s recyclables, but also works to educate students and faculty in the classrooms.

“Modern Recycling is pleased to support Community Charter School’s initiative by enhancing its recycling collection and providing educational lessons to help its students learn to be advocates for recycling,” said Katy Duggan- Haas, Sustainability Coordinator & Educator at Modern.

While Community Charter School has demonstrated how quickly an effective, comprehensive recycling program can be implemented in schools, most Buffalo Public Schools lag behind significantly.  The Buffalo Recycling Alliance is using America Recycles Day to call on other schools to follow in Community Charter’s footsteps.

“The Buffalo Recycling Alliance is calling on other Buffalo schools to follow the example set forth by Community Charter,” said Brian Smith, Program & Communications Director for Citizens Campaign for the Environment.  “The success at Community Charter demonstrates that with some education and determination, schools can quickly implement an effective recycling program.”

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